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Abay handwoven cotton Ethiopian hand towel

Abay handwoven cotton Ethiopian hand towel

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These handcrafted hand towels are a colorful accent to any kitchen or bathroom. They are made with 100% Ethiopian hand spun cotton on traditional looms. Sustainably made, Fair Trade, handwoven and using hand-spun Ethiopian cotton — the Abay hand towel is so much more than just a dish cloth! They are quick drying and will last a lifetime. They are named after the Abay river in Ethiopia, which is, in fact, the Amharic word for the Nile. They are finished with Sabahar's signature hand twisted fringe. 


100% cotton. The weft is all hand spun Ethiopian cotton. The warp is machine spun Ethiopian cotton.


50 x 80cm (20 x 31inches)

Care instructions

Machine wash in cold water. Tumble dry low. Iron. Do not bleach.

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