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Lalibela handwoven Ethiopian cotton table runner

Lalibela handwoven Ethiopian cotton table runner

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These heavily textured, eco friendly, Fair Trade table runners are made on traditional Ethiopian handlooms. The intricate design is achieved by putting black, grey and natural cotton in the weft and using a 4-harness loom. Sabahar introduced and then trained its weavers to set up and weave a loom using the 'rep weaving' technique. The cotton is extra thick on these table runners. They are finished with a hem on the ends and a selvedge edge on the sides. These beauties are named after the historic Lalibela churches in northern Ethiopia.


100% cotton. The weft is hand spun Ethiopian cotton and the warp is machine spun Ethiopian cotton.


45 x 180cm (18 x 70 in)

Care instructions

Machine wash cold. Tumble dry. Iron.

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