Staying healthy together

Staying healthy together

Generosity spurs more generosity

Although it has been a very challenging period, we have seen some amazing creativity and generosity in tackling the pandemic.  We are very THANKFUL for our compassionate friends and partners who contributed funds to enable some of these acts of kindness. Mary Jane, Welella, Anna, Laura….your generosity challenged us to also be generous. It was the encouragement we needed to look for committed organizations in Addis Ababa with which we could join hands.

Giving back

So far, Sabahar has donated 2,750 face masks and more than 100 bath towels to people in need. Together with so many other people and organizations, we have been able to distribute masks, sanitizing equipment and even some food and supplies. It has been a delightful chain reaction because we see so many others also sparked by the idea and also giving back. We have been fortunate to find the following partners to support. You can follow the links in beige to learn more about any of the organizations.

Hospice Ethiopia 

 The aim of Hospice Ethiopia is to improve the quality of life of patients with incurable diseases and support their families through provision of holistic palliative care services. The needs far exceeds the capacity of this dedicated NGO.

We were able to contribute 1,000 re-usable face masks which were distributed to households who were looking after family members who are terminally ill.


ICARE LGM (Lycee Guebre-Mariam Alumni Ethiopia) is an initiative to provide humanitarian and health aid to the most vulnerable people affected by COVID-19. The group was founded by alumni of the famous Lycee School in Addis, and have been very successful in obtaining funding and reaching the needy.

The face masks which Sabahar donated, and ICARE purchased, were distributed to Cheshire Ethiopia; to the National Blind Association; and to Mary Joy Ethiopia.

Sara Cannizzaro Child Minders Association (SCCMA)

SCCMA is an Addis Ababa based NGO which supports vulnerable households with educational programs for pre-school children. The organization also provides skill training for women to enable them to set up their own small businesses.  Our donation of 600 face masks were distributed to the women in the training programs, and their families.

British Embassy Community Outreach Programme

As a special initiative recognizing the current situation in the north part of Addis Ababa, the British Embassy coordinated support for 120 especially vulnerable families identified by local government. They were given a bag with some food supplies such as oil, sugar, pasta; health supplies such as soap and hand sanitizer; and we were able to contribute cotton towels and masks. Interventions such as these have so much impact on community resilience, we were thankful to be able to participate. 

Brothers of Good Works, Ethiopia 

Brother of Good Works is working in Addis Ababa to support people with HIV, children with disabilities, and homeless elderly to live independent lives.

In the Merkato area of Addis, the project supports 100 single and homeless elderly to come together daily for a hot meal and have a shower and wash clothes. We were able to give 3 washable face masks to all the elderly.

Ministry of Health, Ethiopia

This was a very special opportunity for Sabahar. A dear friend who works at the Ministry of Health wanted to organize a THANK YOU to Covid front line workers. Village Industry, another Fair Trade guaranteed company in Ethiopia, produced 500 bags with the logo on the left (which says 'we thank you'). The organizers obtained funding to purchase phone cards, hand sanitizer and lotion, and soap. We added bright colored washable face masks to the bags. In early December, 500 hospital and covid committee members were given the bags – a total surprise for them!!

Being part of the “thank you” to such courageous professionals was a real privilege for Sabahar.

Generosity spurs further generosity. What stories do you have of giving back during this period? Share them with us and we may feature you on Facebook and Instagram.
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