Ethiopia has the oldest and most prolific textile weaving tradition in all of East and Southern Africa. From all ethnic backgrounds, men have been weaving on hand looms and women have been spinning cotton on drop spindles for centuries.

These skills, passed down through generations, are reflected in the beauty and uniqueness of every Sabahar piece. When you purchase our products, the land and its people are woven into them. Weaving is practiced throughout the country, with each community having its own unique techniques and designs. In the north, weavers are skilled in using 4-harness looms creating detailed textures and designs. In the south, weavers are experts in working with heavy weight cotton threads to create luxurious, knobbly cotton blankets.

In our small community around Kore, Addis Ababa we are fortunate to have weaving families who migrated from various areas of the country- bringing a great variety of skills and techniques. All our cotton and most of our silk is produced in Ethiopia. Many of our natural dyes are from plants, insects and seeds found locally. We strive to produce the highest quality handmade products using the gifts of the craft and the raw materials our country  provides.