Sabahar is where it is today because of our amazing staff. We have a team of dedicated and skilled artisans and leadership that is inspiring and creative. Many of our staff have worked with us since 2006. Our extremely low turn-over rate enables us to ensure consistent quality and enables us to grow responsibly.

We employ almost 100 people at our workshop and engage another 150 artisans who spin and weave in their own homes or in cooperatives throughout Ethiopia.


At Sabahar we believe the craftsmanship of hand spinning and weaving results in one of the finest textiles in the world. The beauty lies in the culture and creativity that is woven into each unique piece. We are grateful for our artisans who are the foundation of the company. 

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Our managers and middle management team keep the production moving smoothly despite the challenging context in which the team works. Their dedication, attention to detail, passion and devotion are what enables us to consistently deliver beautiful textiles in a timely manner to the world.

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Kathy Marshall started Sabahar in 2004 and still works as the General Manager. Her passion for preserving and innovating the rich weaving tradition of Ethiopia combined with her desire to make a positive contribution to Ethiopia have laid the foundation for the company.

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