At Sabahar, we use only natural fibers to produce our exquisitely Ethiopian textiles. We work with cotton, silk and linen. Rest assured you will not find any polyesters or acrylics in our products! Even better, we source many of these natural fibers from Ethiopia. All of our cotton is grown and processed in Ethiopia. An increasing percentage of our silk also comes from Ethiopia.  Our linen comes from Eastern Europe.


Silk was introduced to Ethiopia only about 20 years ago. Fortunately, the Eri silk variety eats castor plants, which thrive in Ethiopia. We know the farmers who produce our silk, which is then hand spun into uneven, knobbly thread and dyed with natural dyes.

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The foundation of Sabahar's production is the beautiful Ethiopian cotton that has been grown in the country for centuries. We are fortunate to source all our cotton in Ethiopia, both the thread for the warp and the raw cotton we then hand spin on drop spindles for our famously soft products.

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Sabahar introduced the use of linen into our production in 2016. As there is no local production of linen, we import the thread from Belgium. We love linen because it is such a sustainable fiber and creates stunning fabric when hand woven.

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