The Sabahar Making Process

Production at Sabahar is much like it has been throughout Ethiopia for centuries. The process relies on many different artisans who each know a unique skill which was handed down to them by their parents and grandparents. The collective result is beautifully hand crafted textiles that are uniquely Ethiopian.

Inspired by these ancient weaving traditions, Sabahar set out to apply contemporary designs in order to create a collection of textiles appealing to the global market. Innovating the looms and fibers we use, Sabahar was able to expand the traditional into timeless textiles that could fit in any home. Our focus remains on the simplicity and purity of the raw materials and processes.


Most Sabahar products are made with hand spun cotton. The tradition of hand spinning is almost extinct globally as it is too time consuming in the ever-increasing mechanized world of textile production. We are so fortunate that the art is still practiced by women in Ethiopia and we can use their uneven, unique, super soft cotton in our production.

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Sabahar uses both natural and eco-friendly chemical dyes in our production. All the fibers are dyed in small batches at the Sabahar workshop. We love to experiment with plants, insects and soils around us to create the beautiful colors in our silks. The cottons are mostly dyed with cold-water, color fast dyes for easy care.

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Weaving has been a way of life for centuries in Ethiopia. Even today, almost all the traditional Ethiopian clothing is made on hand looms.  The art of weaving is passed down from father to son, thus almost all weavers in Ethiopia are men. The techniques have not changed much for centuries but the patterns, colors and designs have become increasingly sophisticated.

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We have a team of dedicated women who “finish” each product and ensure it is ready to go out for export. Finishing involves cutting the ends of the fringes so they are clean, sewing on labels, cutting the edges of the scarves, sewing the products (like our cushions), ironing them and quality checking each piece.

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