Stock up now on our resort wear for summer

Stock up now on our resort wear for summer

Three chic kaftans to wear after your lake plunge

 The Konjo cover-up is a light weight robe perfect  for wearing just out of the water. The traditional Ethiopian design on the edges is done by using sticks in the hand loom to pick up a certain number of threads and requires a meticulous eye to make it perfect.  It comes with a belt and is open in the front. The Konjo cover-up comes in three different colors. The Kob hat has bands of fabric that match the Konjo cover-up. 

Our Langano tunic is a slip-on dress which enables you to jump from the pool to a meal in a restaurant in no time. It has tied fringes at the bottom.  

It is pictured here with the Fasika bag and Kob hat. The tunic comes in four different colorways.

Our Petra kaftan is our most roomy cover up. It has two small pin stripes on the selvedge edge and is adorned with hand twisted fringes.

This kaftan is a natural white with details in either black, flax or blush. 


Timeless accessories that will last you a life time

Our Fasika bag is unique as it is woven out of the fabric remnants that are left after we sew our pillows and towels. This zero-waste bag is lined and has a variety of pockets on the inside. This bag can be washed and should last you a lifetime.

We have been working with Jano Handicrafts for years to perfect the best beach hat. Jano is based in Arba Minch where the Dorze traditionally hand crochet colorful hats out of polyester fiber. They have been working with artisans to shift to using cotton, making the brims wider and the hat circumference larger. Viola, our Kob hat. Each hat takes an artisan four days to crochet by hand. The result is a very strong, sturdy hat that can be machine washed, stuffed in suitcases and carried on all your journeys. 

Stylish kids' beach poncho for summer 

Let's not forget the kids. The Awassa beach ponchos are woven with super soft hand spun cotton. The tops are perfect for kids between 3 and 6 years old. They work as a beach cover up but also a poncho. They slip on and off easily, have a hoodie to keep the kids warm, and are adorned with hand tied fringes at the bottom. They come in 5 different colors. 

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