1. Heritage

Ethiopia is often called the ‘cradle of civilization.’ For a country with such ancient roots, it should come as no surprise that weaving has been an artisanal craft for centuries. As inheritors of such a rich history, we are proud to continue in this tradition as well as make space for new innovations; carrying this precious piece of heritage into the future.


2. Handmade

Every Sabahar product passes through many hands before it reaches yours. Each step from the spinning - to the weaving and dyeing- all the way to sewing napkins and twisting fringes is done by hand. Our skilled artisans labor over every part of this time-consuming process, resulting in beautiful and truly unique pieces. 


3. Natural fibers

Our products are made exclusively from natural fibers. We use cotton, silk and linen, and source locally whenever we can. In addition to being kinder to the environment than synthetic alternatives, their feel and breathability cannot be matched, making our products the natural choice.


4. Quality

We take both care and pride in the quality of our products. These pieces can be used and enjoyed for a lifetime.


5. Timeless

Elegance will never go out of style. By combining traditional techniques with modern aesthetics our products achieve a timeless quality.


6. Practical

Our products are designed to be used. All of our cotton products are machine washable. The dyes we use are both environmentally friendly and durable. The scarves and apparel are made with varying materials and thickness so as to suit every climate and occasion.


7. Sustainable

The custodianship of our environment is our collective responsibility and privilege. In addition to the inherent eco-friendliness of handmade natural textiles, we have been certified by the registered trademark of OEKO-TEX to be a zero carbon emission factory. We are continually looking for new ways to improve our way of interacting with Mother Earth.


8. Fair trade

The artisans of Sabahar are at the very heart of what we do. Providing reliable and fair work has been a major goal from the very beginning. We have been World Fair Trade certified since 2009.


9. Community support

We take an interest in our broader community. Our employees have numerous opportunities to participate in capacity building workshops such as leadership training and financial management, we encourage and support staff to further their education, we regularly provide interest-free loans to staff and we give them opportunities to travel to learn from techniques mastered in other countries. We are proud to invest in our employees and our community.


 10. Beautiful

Sabahar products are simply beautiful.

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