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Danakil Shawl Handwoven Ethiopian Cotton

Danakil Shawl Handwoven Ethiopian Cotton

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These eco friendly, Fair Trade Ethiopian cotton shawls were originally designed by the internationally renowned designer, Marina Spadafora. The Danakil is a light weight shawl that plays with color and texture. The shawl is woven with light-weight Ethiopian cotton with thicker lines of hand spun cotton throughout. The blocks of color are separated by areas of light, where the weavers have left the warp threads open. The shawls are finished with our signature hand braided fringes. The shawls are named after the Danakil depression, the lowest point in Ethiopia, and an area of extreme beauty.



100% cotton


70 x 200cm (27 x 78 inches)

Care instructions

Hand wash in cold water, hang dry. Iron. Do not bleach.

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