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Queen Menon handwoven Ethiopian silk shawl

Queen Menon handwoven Ethiopian silk shawl

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These luxurious pure silk shawls are made from hand spun, naturally dyed, hand spun Ethiopian silk. The design is made of silk dyed in either coffee (to create the beige) or a mix of pomegranate and iron (to create the silver). The designs, called tibeb, are found on many traditional Ethiopian shawls. Weavers pick up threads individually to create the geometric patterns. The shawls are made of eri silk, a thicker, more nubbly variety than mulberry silk. The silk is grown in southern Ethiopia This shawl is named after Queen Menon, the Empress of the Ethiopian Empire between 1930 and 1962. 


100% silk. The silk is 100% Ethiopian Eri silk: the weft is hand spun silk from Arba Minch. The blocks of color are silk thread dyed in coffee, to create the beige, or iron and pomegranate, to create the dark grey.



70 x 200cm (27 x 78inches) 


Care instructions

Hand wash with mild soap, hang dry in shade. Iron. Do not bleach.

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Customer Reviews

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Eric Mollet
Very nice scarf!

Really appreciate the scarfs

A beautiful piece of weaving

This is an utterly gorgeous shawl and a pleasure to wear. I receive compliments every time I wear it, but the delight of being wrapped up in it (it is both soft and warm) is even greater than having others admire it.